Classy Marble Bathroom Accessories
Today's modern decorators are a peculiar bunch.  While we strive to create unique and progressive designs, there's a little part of us that wants to hold on to classic tradition.  Fortunately there are elements that we can utilize that meet both of these goals very nicely.

Marble bath accessories are cool and contemporary, warm and elegant, and surprisingly affordable.  If you are a fussy designer that insists on those perfect touches to reflect your taste and personality, why not consider marble bathroom accessories?  After all, only the best will do for you and fortunately, the best is not necessarily most expensive.

When choosing bathroom accessories , you need to be sure that they suit your personal taste and coordinate nicely with your existing decor.  Anything less will create a decorative disaster that you'll have to deal with on a daily basis.  Remember, the bathroom is one of the first things you'll see every morning, so be sure to do it right.

The way that you decorate your bathroom must provide you comfort, solitude and sense of satisfaction.  It's not a difficult task, but it does take some planning and investments of time, hard work and cash.  The key is to combine your creativity with your sense of style.  If you can manage this, the end result will be a bathroom worth boasting about.

The mention of a boastful bath brings us back to marble bathroom accessories.  Marble has been a popular material for centuries because of its lasting quality and timeless beauty.  Decorators love marble bathroom accessories because they are classy, elegant and affordable. There are many different manufacturers of fine marble bathroom accessories, each offering beautiful designs and quality products.

Some of the more popular choices in today's designer market are the Botticino, Calacata, Emperador, Nile Stone, Onice Verde, Portoforo, Travertino Classico, Travertino Rosso, Twist Aztec, Twist Mocha, Verde Alpi and Verona collections:

Nile Stone:  this collection of marble bath accessories by D.I.G.S. includes a soap dish, tissue box holder, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and wastebasket.  All of these accessories are constructed of rich marble.  The style is contemporary and the tone is off-white.

Portoforo Collection:  includes soap dish, soap dispenser, tumbler, wastebasket, and tissue box holder. These are crafted from beautiful black marble with a touch of tan.  They add a modern, classy element to the decor.

Botticino Collection:  these marble pieces are available in natural colors and classic styles.  The collection includes a tumbler, canister, soap dish, soap dispenser, tissue box holder and wastebasket.

Calacata Collection:  also natural in color, this collection provides yet another style option.  Canister, soap dish, soap dispenser, tissue box holder, wastebasket and tumbler are available.

Onice Verde:  This collection is virtually the same as the Calacata, yet the pieces are green in color.  The materials and tones of these accessories combine for a very contemporary look.

Emperador Collection:  Again, the pieces are the same as those listed above, yet the marble has a brown tone.  These classic brown pieces create an elegant yet modern feel.

Travertino Classico:  Create a stunning result with this collection in gorgeous black.  Use these marble bathroom accessories whether you're looking for a truly classic, or unique contemporary design.

Travertino Rosso:
  Darker natural hues create warmth and elegance.  The collection features the same inclusions as those previously listed.

Verona Collection:
  With a blend of natural tones and striking reds, this collection is reminiscent of upscale hotel suites.  Clean, elegant and very rich.

Twist Aztec:
  In natural marble tones, this collection includes a tumbler, canister, soap dish, soap dispenser, tissue box holder and wastebasket.

Verde Alpi:
  This collection features the same pieces, but with an interesting blending of colors.  Black, green, natural tones and crisp whites are combined for a truly extraordinary result.

Twist Mocha:
while the color is a basic brown, the "twisting" of the designs creates fascinating interest.  A truly unique collection.

Browse these collections and more online at  Regardless of your taste or budget, you can find marble bathroom accessories to compliment your existing decor, or serve as a "building blocks" to create the room of your dreams.