Large Dogs Need a Large Doghouse
People with large dogs should have large houses.  Better still, people with large dogs should have large doghouses.  If you have a big breed of dog, like a Labrador, German Shepherd or a Saint Bernard, the best thing that you can do is to provide your pet with a doghouse to call his or her own.  All dogs, and large breeds in particular, need their own breathing space.  Large doghouses are perfect for allowing pets their own personal area to relax.

Basic Requirements of Doghouses

All dogs, regardless of the breed, have certain basic requirements.  These needs are best met with a proper doghouse:

*  Protection From the Sun:  A sheltered area such as a doghouse is an absolute necessity to offer protection from the sun.  This is not only from the light, but also from the heat and the dehydrating effects of the heat.  The inside of the doghouse should be insulated to provide a cool resting place, even while the outside temperature is soaring.

*  Protection From Rain and Snow:  Your pet's special home must be completely waterproof and sheltered from driving rain or snow.  For his or her own best health and comfort, your dog needs and deserves to be warm and dry and completely protected from water and humidity.

*  Protection From the Wind:  Exposure to strong winds is a major contributor to illness in dogs.  Be sure that the doghouse is big enough to allow your pet to find refuge inside, away from heavy winds and the dust and debris that can blow in.

While protection is absolutely essential, it's also important to consider your pet's senses of safety and security.  All animals need to feel comfortable in their own habitat, just as humans must feel safe within our own homes.

The actual size of a doghouse has always been a topic of debate.  There are two distinct schools of thought.  Some say that every pet should have a large doghouse, regardless of the size of the animal.  Others insist that the size of the doghouse should be directly proportionate to the size of the dog.  To some degree, each group is correct.  Of course, a doghouse must be large enough to house the dog comfortably. However, putting a tiny dog into a large doghouse may rob him or her of the sense of security that's required.  On the other hand, a house that's just big enough may leave your pet feeling claustrophobic and refusing to enter the structure.  Try to find a 'happy medium'; a doghouse that provides ample legroom, without leaving the dog to feel overly exposed.

If you're just not sure about the best type of home for your dog, speak to a trusted pet shop or your veterinarian.  He or she will be able to provide some professional insight on the best large doghouse to provide comfort and protection for your special pet.