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Free Criminal Record Searches PDF  | Print |  E-mail
We all know that it's hard to trust anyone anymore. Before online criminal record searches, we had to depend mostly on our intuition to judge the character of a person. Unfortunately, intuition is not as reliable as we would like to believe it is.

Depending entirely on intuition is no longer necessary, however, now that these searches are available online. You can rest a little more assured that your nanny can be trusted to take good care of your children. You can hire people to work for your company, confident that he or she has no criminal record, based on the searches you perform. You can feel safer at your place of employment, knowing that your co-workers do not have a propensity towards crime.

But you can't get this information for free, can you? When a large company hires a research firm to do their pre- employment background checks, they have to pay for the service. This may not be a problem for a large company that has a lot of disposable income, but what if your business is small? Or what if you are a mother concerned about your children? Or a single guy who is interested in getting together with someone he met on the internet? Luckily for these people, there are free criminal record searches available.

Type "free criminal record search" into a search engine and you'll get dozens of links to websites that keep databases of public information. Most of these sites advertise free searches. But when you click on the link, you find the search isn't free at all. But don't let this discourage you # there are actually a few sites out there that really do offer free criminal record information. Here are two of them: is a web portal for the Public Record Retriever Network. This site offers free criminal record searches. You can find documents by county or state for a Local PRRN Document Retriever.

Search Systems is perhaps the largest free public-records directory on the internet. Their directory contains over 23,603 criminal record and public records databases. They have everything from business information, corporate filings, unclaimed property, property records, professional licenses, inmates, offenders, et cetera.

Don't think that you can't perform a criminal record search on someone just because you can't afford it. There are lots of resources available for those who want to do a search for free.
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